Home Sweet Home!


Please feel free to peruse this site to listen to a few of my recordings and videos and stay in touch.  Blog, or just say it in English or Italian if you must.  There are some interesting links and pages in this blog.

Hello to all my students and friends and say hello.

Sincerely Yours,
Tony De Luca





6 Replies to “Home Sweet Home!”

    • Dear Mike,
      No, I am not related to the great Eddy De Luca, however, in the 90’s I did get to hear one of his works, entitled “Genisis” I belive.
      It was remarkable. Do you know anything about this music and where I could find it?
      Always good to hear from a Paisan,
      Take Care,
      Tony De Luca

    • Hi Joe,
      Good to hear from you. I still love all your great emails. The one with the snow was so peaceful.
      I get this site through the musician’s union. It is a very minimal site. I think they call it a blog.
      I can’t keep up with all this tech stuff. Twitter, Facebook, Buttbook (That’s a new one, I invented)
      And all the other books.

      Take Care,
      Please stay in touch,

  1. Yo To-knee!

    Your theme song for the YouTube “Murmuration Morning!” is nothing short of AMAZING! We’re humming it all day! And it’s never annoying because it is QUALITY!
    You are fabulous!

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