Music has enabled me to travel around the world and see that the only true universal language is Music!

Currently the Choir Director for the Brigantine Presbyterian Church.

What a wonderful church and community there.  The Rev. John Scotland is the best!

Also teach at Stockton University and Atlantic Community College.

Piano and Music Appreciation.

Then there is the Gigs!  Playing with other Great musicians is how you can grow and learn.



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  1. just try to touch bases with you, i hope everything is fine with you. hope you are still eating well and you are doing fine with your diabetes oh! befoe i forget audrey says hi she has had a few set backs but she is still hanging in there still strong and doing well in school. we take english together 102 with professo patterson. She is nothing like you she is all over the place class is boring and nobody knows what she wants but some teachers are good and some are bad you do what you can and do your know how i think nothing beats a failure but a try and long as you are trying your not failing. well enough about us when are you going to be performing in this area again. audrey and i were just talking about you yestardy how much fun your class was.whe were amazed how you captured our interest in music and musians we would have never paid any interest in it worked well for me since history is my major.if you have a student in your class audrey and i said we would loan them are books and cds as long as they give them back to you after the seamester we know how exspensive books are.what are your churches hours and what days are the services we like to come and see you perform iam quit sure you are musically invovlved.Well i have to make it to math class, so stay in touch and hopefully i’ll see you soon. so my may God bless and you have a nice day. peace

    • Hi Solomon,
      This is one of my first comments on my blog. I didn’t know how to reply to it.
      I’m so happy to hear from you. Audrey and you are among my favorite students and I’m still at the church every Sunday at 10:15 AM
      Please stop in and we can have a little lunch there too. The Community Presbyterian Church in Brigantine.
      What other subjects are you interested in these days?

      Take Care,
      Tony De Luca

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